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Like the Wolf we are restless. Constantly scouring the landscape for the new, testing the old and pushing the parameters of the possible. Relentless in our art, curious in our science.

The latest untamed products of this curiosity are two small batch releases. Each pushing the boundaries and stamping their own unique mark.


Gunpower Gin Image

First we light the fuse on our Gunpowder Gin. An exacting and explosive native son. A gin full of Eastern promise. A promise delivered.

The unexpected, expected. A 57% ABV juniper cannon firing a blast of Oriental peppery spice. Our familiar pink peppercorns joined by their black and Szechuan cousins. A sweet wave of citrus, at three times the intensity of our London Dry Gin, soon follows. Our signature Mexican pink grapefruit and Sicilian lemon joined by an artillery of Paraguayan bitter orange. All finished off with an all-out star anise assault. Primeval warfare declared on the bland, the characterless, the insipid. Over ice, a burst of flavour cloud is unleashed. The essential oils from the dialled up citrus and juniper forming a smokescreen.

This Gin & Tonic is best served with a slice of orange peel, and some fresh ground black peppercorn. To truly unleash the flavour cavalry, this creation calls for a Martini as its ally. Add a dash of bold, dry white vermouth. Wet shake over ice. Strain and serve with a twist of orange peel and a grind of black pepper, or a sage leaf. Join the Gunpowder plot and subvert the status quo.


Single Malt Vodka Image
Our other recent offspring is challenging the norms. A single-minded vodka with a singular vision – to be a whiskey.

A single malt character vodka, a single barrel maturation. Born of 100% malt barley and held captive in charred virgin American oak for eleven months. This wolf will take you to a place where few vodkas have dared venture. Unfiltered vodka is naturally clarified by the charcoal in the cask. The result is a smoothness that belies the bite to follow. Once unleashed, the oak lactones from the barrel deliver bourbon-like warm vanilla and coconut notes. Pure bloodline Single Malt Vodka in a collision of distilling cultures.

Best served neat, over ice for minimum fuss and maximum bite. For a longer drink with teeth, add a dash of ginger beer and serve with a squeeze of lime over ice.

When the wolf mixes, he is not for compromise.

Both released as limited edition, 500 bottle only small batches.
A fleeting glimpse of a feral wolf.

LoneWolf Tonic and LoneWolf G&T launch today on the BrewDog online shop and in BrewDog Bars.

Gunpowder Gin
50cl bottle / 57% ABV / £30 – available for purchase on our online shop.

Single Malt Barrel-Aged Vodka
50cl bottle / 42.7% ABV / £25 – available for purchase on our online shop.

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