LoneWolf through the lens.


In an age of smart phones and social media, photography has become part of our everyday lives. It seems that most have the bug, and the LoneWolf team are no exception.

It occurred to us that a lot of what we photograph as a team is a deeper insight into what we get up to behind the scenes at the distillery. So we’ve decided to share some of these with you. Each month we’ll gather together some of our team photographs relating to everything from distilling, foraging, bottling and more. Giving you the back story behind the images.

And here is our first instalment.

Scots Pine


We talk a lot about Scots pine. It is resinous, fragrant, and it gives our LoneWolf gin fresh and bright characteristics. The big aroma it adds to our spirit has quite often been described as a walk in the forest. Which is fitting, because we do exactly that to get hold of it.

Every few weeks one of our team, usually our distiller Zak, will set off to one of a few locations across Aberdeenshire and the Cairngorms to replenish our pine stock for the next round of gin distillations.

Scots pine is in abundance in Scotland but there are a number of reasons we visit the same spots time and time again. We take into account the density of foliage, maturity of the tree, and most importantly the flavour of the needles.

If the forest is dense we are able to collect small quantities from a number of trees, which means we are resourcing responsibly. The maturity of the trees determines our accessibility to the needles. With a tall, conical trunk and a broad crown which sits high off the ground, the more mature the tree the harder it is to access the needles. Flavour varies depending on location and soil type. The pine forests we use have been tried and tested throughout the development of our gin and we trust that the needles we forage from these locations give us the best flavour.

There is something immensely satisfying about the process of foraging and harvesting your own ingredients. The use of Scots pine as a botanical connects us to our Scottish origins. It allows us to share an element of our home with others.

What’s more its a great excuse to spend some time in the great outdoors. And we’re happy with that.

At LoneWolf our soul really is in every bottle.

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