LoneWolf through the lens: Here today, gone tomorrow.


Last week we posted the first in a series of blogs called LoneWolf through the lens. This was supposed to be a monthly feature, taking a look at life through the eyes of our team. But we couldn’t wait a month for the next one. On Wednesday we made a sad discovery that was too fitting not to share.

In last week’s blog we spoke about foraging, in particular for pine. But this is not the only thing we forage in our Aberdeenshire home. In the past few weeks we’ve been developing new cocktail recipes for you to try at home. Our focus being on wild ingredients, easily accessible in a woodland or hedgerow near you.

On our latest excursion we were in pursuit of wood sorrel, so we returned to one of our favourite foraging spots. Wood sorrel can be found in most woodlands or shaded hedgerows, often growing from the moss of fallen logs. Also known as sour clover its leaves are not dissimilar to those of the white clover found across the UK. Its distinguishing characteristics being its considerably larger leaves and its delicate white flower that blooms in the spring.

We were confident this delicate plant, with its mildly sour leaves and stem, with hints of apple and lemon would make an excellent addition to our cocktail. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out because we came up empty on this particular excursion.

The woodland was gone.

Looks like we’re going to need to find a new foraging spot. For our wood sorrel and our pine.

So long sweet woodland. You served us well.

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