When the Wolf mixes, he is not for compromise.


We believe the finest ingredients and exacting processes make the best spirits. And that practice makes perfect spirits. It took 192 distillations to decide on the recipe for our LoneWolf Gin. It was tweaked and tinkered to within an inch of its life. All to ensure the end result was the best possible. For us your enjoyment of our spirit was the number one priority.

So we’ve taken things one step further, bringing you the perfect partner to your gin.  And the perfect addition to our pack.  

LoneWolf Tonic is here.

LoneWolf Tonic was developed by our distillers to perfectly compliment the botanical profile of our gin. Using only the finest Mexican Pink Grapefruit and natural quinine we’ve developed a tonic that will enhance, not mask the flavours we worked so hard to achieve. The citrus is lifted, the pine and juniper remain at the forefront, and the complexity of the spice profile stands strong.

In creating LoneWolf Tonic we have not only achieved a mixer that works for our gin but for all gins. The gin, in our opinion, should always be the star of the show and the LoneWolf tonic allows it to shine.

But we haven’t just stopped at tonic.

LoneWolf Gin and Tonic. In a can.

Most G&Ts in a can are around 5% ABV. A heavily diluted version of what a G&T should be. With both LoneWolf Gin and LoneWolf Tonic in our repertoire we figured we’d make our own. Done properly.

LoneWolf G&T is one part gin to four parts tonic. The perfect ratio in our opinion. A bar quality G&T in a can, served at 8.8% ABV. Perfect for train journeys, picnics, festivals, or even just cracking open on the sofa if you’re feeling particularly lazy. Bye bye mediocre tinny ginny, hello proper G&T with bite.  

Of one thing you can be sure. When the wolf mixes he is not for compromise.


LoneWolf Tonic and LoneWolf G&T launch today on the BrewDog online shop and in BrewDog Bars.

LoneWolf Tonic – Fridge Pack
8x150ml / £4
Clean, crisp and refreshing with hints of citrus. No short cuts, just the finest ingredients.

LoneWolf G&T
330ml / 8.8% ABV / £3
The perfect mix of LoneWolf Gin and LoneWolf Tonic.
A crisp, refreshingly carbonated G&T with bite. Served as it would be in a bar.

BrewDog EFP’s are entitled to an introductory offer of 6 G&T for £14. 

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